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Atocha Treasure Map and Wreck Story

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Nuestra Senora de Atocha on September 4, 1622, landed on a coral reef during a severe hurricane near the Marquesas Key Island, 20 miles west of Key West Florida. The Spanish treasure ship quickly sank with her hull ripped open from the coral. Everyone on board, except three, drowned.

Bound for Spain with treasures, the Atocha was loaded with priceless gems, gold and silver plus many golden goblets. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold bars, chains, emeralds, plates, coins and jewelry were buried not far from the Atocha as well as the Santa Margarita. Both went down the same year.

The Atocha wreck was considered a mother load and was finally located by Mel Fisher in 1985. They spent 20 years as dedicated treasures hunters enduring hardship, and almost bankruptcy, tragedy and loss of lives.

Your coin is an exact reproduction made from actual Spanish Atocha silver salvaged from the wreck. It is an authentic piece of history.


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