Hermit Crab Shells

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Measure size of shell he's in according to HOLE OPENING ONLY. Measure across the opening diameter, pick the size that's the next size bigger. We will send (Assorted Natural and Dyed) for your hermit and send at least 2 shell styles so they have a choice. Hermits love this. This will allow an assortment of sizes for your hermit to fit in (at least 1), and extras to play with. The color dyed shells do not hurt them. It is natural and they do not mind. We do NOT grind or smooth edges. They are in their natural state and maybe rough or have a natural small hole in the shell. Hermits like them that way. Hermits do not grind them on the beach or look for shells without holes when picking shells on the beach. Please understand we measure each shell but slight size judgements may vary on a shell or two at times especially in packs of 3 or more assorted sizes. Each pack is Multi Assorted sizes to change and for hermits to play with.

HINT: Remember to put all the shells in your cage, Hermits will enjoy them as toys!

$5.00 Minimum Please