About John Perry Marine Sculptures

In the 25 years since John Perry ceased making one of a kind sculpture and opened the Studio, he has been able to do with sculpture what printmakers do for painting, make it accessible and affordable. By applying the very latest molding techniques and materials to his work, he is able to reproduce each piece as an exact replica of the original.

This process affords him the luxury of being able to devote and extraordinary amount of time to the creation of each piece. The patient hours spent exploring and refining, whether it be the curve of an eagle's wing feather or the sweep of a shark's tail, result in accurate depictions of creatures that seem alive and in motion, yet display purity of line and true sculptural form.

The material Perry uses is a versatile resin compound developed by himself, called Pellucida™, that can be presented in a variety of colors and textures. The pieces are frequently mounted on manzanita burlwood. Formerly used for firewood, the root burl of the manzanita bush is now appreciated for the beauty and incredible variety of its form. When skilled craftsmen, most of whom have worked with John Perry for many years, have interpreted, cut and polished the burl and mounted it with a sculpture, the result is a happy marriage of the art of nature and man.

Cleaning the Sculptures

The sculptures are made of PellucideTM, a durable resin compound developed by the Artist. If it has a frosted finish it may be cleaned with an eraser or washed with a little warm water and Comet. You can also wash with mild dish wash soap and water.

If it has a polished, painted or bronze finish it should only be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth. Do not use an abrasive.

If over the years the burlwood loses its luster, apply a little furniture wax and it will buff up like new.

The works are copyrighted and guaranteed against any defects in the workmanship or materials.