Shell We Golf

Shell We Golf Lighthouse

Aloha Kanaka
(Hello to all people)

The bellow of Conch Shells and chants of ancient legends welcome you to Shell We Golf at a tropical setting among the Palm trees. Learn all about Shells while enjoying a challenging course. Experience the invisible fish, shells jumping, waterfalls, and a live aquatic pond, filled with waterlilly's. Stop next door for a sample of homemade fudge made daily at the Sea Shell Shop.

(Thank you)

View more pictures of our Shell We Golf miniature golf course

Visit one of our 3 Locations at the stars above or our Mini Golf next to the Sea Shell Shop on Coastal Highway Rt. 1. While your in town why not go shelling or treasure hunting. Look for good shelling locations on the map above marked with shells and coins.

A Beachcombers Shelling Adventure
19 Hole Miniature Golf Course
Look For Palm Trees
Next to Lighthouse & Sea Shell Shop

19366 Coastal Highway, Rt. One
(302) 227-4323