Hermit Crab Tips

No Time To Read then Quick Health Hints?

(Hermit Crab Supplies available at Sea Shell Shop)

1. Provide new shells for crabs to grow into. Hermits love to switch shells but need larger shells as they grow. We have a wide variety of shells and can match your size like a shoe. The new shell should be 1/3 larger than the present shell opening.
2. Not all shells are suitable for hermit homes. Shells need to be the right spiral to insure hermits can function in their homes. The shells should be cleaned and processed properly. You can boil the dirty shell to clean out a shell and make it safe for hermit.
3. Bathe Hermits twice weekly. They need their water and extra body moisture. Bathe crabs by submerging them in very lukewarm clear water. Using the Hermit Calcium spa is helpful for their inner shells. After the bath allow them to air dry. A towel is not necessary.
4. Create a Friendly social environment. Crabs thrive on company and live in large groups. They do better when they coexist in pairs or several others. They need a warm humid environment 70° to 85° F.
5. Promote Exercise. Crabs love to climb. Provide wood, a climber or coral so they can climb, and allow enough room for play.
6. Serve Good food and a balanced diet. Crabs need calcium from shell dishes, vitamins and food. Give them choices, as they love variety. Be sure to remove all spoiling food daily. Dried cereals can be left for weeks on end. Not to many cookies now.