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25 Jacob Scallops


You can use Jacob Scallops as individual serving dishes or candy dishes to take home. They are also baking dishes so you could use them to serve food. 

Set of 25 Jacob Scallops

Other Hints: Here are a few items you can possibly look for and incorporate in your theme. Rope, a lighthouse in a corner, giant clam shell for serving food, baking shells for food or treats, Caribbean or Hawaiian or Beach Boys music. Hire live steel drum Musicians or even just the music. Add orchids, banana trees because of the big leaves, arecca palms because they are very full. If your event is not formal, beach towels, beach balls and umbrellas can add a lot to a beach theme along with beach pails. You can also use beach pails to fill for favors or as table centerpeices with sand inside and shells on top. Coconut shells, Morther of Pearl plates and spoons are a few more items you can incorporate.

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