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Brass Telescope on Stand 20" - Wood

The Hampton Nautical Brass Telescope on Stand 20" with a wood handle is a true nautical gem that can serve as a functional telescope or a symbol of exploration in any room or office. This solid brass telescope measures 14" L x 3" W x 20" H. The stand has an adjustable knob to change and hold a specific direction. Focusing is accomplished using by twisting the eye piece to gain focus. The scope also has a solid polished wood handle that enables you to have a strong and comforting grip during usage. A solid brass cap that is chain linked covers the lens when it's not in use. The tripod wood stand features polished and smooth rounded wood stands each with solid brass fittings and a screw release to let you adjust the height. A solid brass chain holds the three stands together so the telescope can hold its position. Custom engraving is available on these solid brass binoculars and is available with a minimum order quantity. Contact us for details.

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