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Californian 24"

SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED - THIS IS NOT A MODEL SHIP KIT Overall dimensions: 24" L x 5" W x 16" H Our ship model Californian topsail schooner is a fully assembled ship model never made from a kit. The Californian ship model features a planked deck with nail holes barells anchor chains buckets accurate stern California Eagle and California Flag emblems coiled ropes and more! This ship model Californian schooner is meticulously painted to the actual Californian docked at the San Diego Maritime Musuem Our model ship replica is built wil rare and high quality woods such as cherry walnut oak birch and mable. This Californian ship model rests perfectly on a large wood base made perfectly to cradle the ship displaying the plank on frame hull. We only use the finest and highest quality parts on our ship models. This Californian topsail schooner ship model has metal anchors and brass cannons. To build this ship extensive research was done using various sources such as drawings paints and copies of the original plans.
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