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Baltimore Clipper Harvey 32"

SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED - THIS IS NOT A MODEL SHIP KIT 32" long x 9" Wide x 24" High (1:56 scale) Amazing details รข?? tied down deck cannons planked deck with nail holes cannon ball racks buckets barrels authentic lifeboat rudder chains flag lockers and more. Hollow-hull/plank on frame construction (a painstaking process where each individual plank is added to the hull one at a time). Built with rare high quality woods such as walnut cherry rosewood teak birch and maple. Perfectly taught rigging with varied thread color and thickness. 10 masterfully stitched thick canvass sails that hold their shape and do not wrinkle Meticulously hand painted to the actual Harvey Machine turned brass cannons and metal anchors Rests perfectly on a large wood base between four arched dolphins (marble base pictured). To build this ship extensive research was done using various sources such as the original plans drawings paintings and pictures. Note: This model does not come with the rear lifeboat as pictured due to breakage during shipping.
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