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Atlantic Limited 32"

SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED - JUST PULL OUT OF THE BOX AND DISPLAY NO masts to assemble NO rigging to tie NO wrinkled sails NO hassles! Don't buy from other sellers until you ask if it is FULLY ASSEMBLED! 32" L x 6" W x 26" H (1:69 scale) This newly designed Limited Edition museum-quality scale replica Atlantic yacht is offered exclusively by Handcrafted Model Ships and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris as only 50 will ever be made. Accurate in almost every detail to the original Atlantic yacht our Atlantic model yacht offers features not available by other sellers such as: - Arrives fully assembled - Cloth flags - More accurate and higher-quality deck components and details - Separate display base The Limited Edition Atlantic Yacht features the following upgrades over our regular Atlantic model yacht: - Additional and higher-quality deck details - 4 Authentic cloth flags have been added including an American Flag - Additional deck planks have been added and stained to match the actual Atlantic yacht - Upgraded accurately scaled solid metal ship wheel has been added - Additional upgraded structures on the deck have been added including intricately painted windows - 4 scale tied-down lifeboats with 2 scale oars on the deck has been added to mimic the actual real Atlantic yacht- The hull is meticulously painted the actual colors of the original Atlantic yacht. Look closely on the red hull and you can see the individual planks and wood grain - Higher-quality sails with additional rigging: The sails are slightly starched to hold their shape and a higher quality and higher thread-count material is used similar to that of the actual Atlantic yacht at the time it sailed. We offer three unique sail materials that are matched to the different eras of model yachts we offer. Also additional rigging lines have been added to be more true to the actual Atlantic yacht - Removable base: The Limited Edition Yacht can be removed from the high-quality wooden display base. Accordingly it can be cleaned and examined in detail much more easily. - Atlantic name has been added to the stern of the hull just like the real Atlantic - A scale lifesaver added to the stern of the deck

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