Copper Reef

Quantity Description Price
Sea Turtle Looe Key

Sea Turtle Looe Key, hand painted with dazzling dark purple and gold colored fins. These colors bring out the design of the sea turtle, perfect decorations to add to your sea life theme.


Shrimp, hand painted with bright reddish pink colors, with gold highlights, perfect design to add to your sealife theme. A great piece for any sealife fanatic.

Dancing Shrimp

Dancing Shrimp, five shrimps swimming intertwined in sea vegetation, in their normal habitat. This designed is hand painted with reddish pink bold colors to give a realistic feeling of shrip liv...

Angelfish Mardi Gras

Banded Angelfish Mardi Gras sculpture, desinged with all those tropical fishes that brighten your day. A mesh of fishes swimming in and around the coral reefs. Perfect design for any s...

School of Tangs

School of Tangs, this design has 3 tangs swimming along in the open sea. Hand painted with bright blues to resemble the real tangs that you would find in the sea.

School of Blue Tangs

School of Blue Tangs, this design is inspired from the hundreds of tangs roaming together in the open sea. Their bright colors and numerous quantities allow for a graceful appearance.

Sea Turtle Frolic

Sea Turtle Frolic, this amazing design has two sea turtles and blue tangs swimming around. Hand painted turtles with reddish brown and gold highlights perfect metal art for any wall wi...

Reef Paradise

Reef Paradise is a design hand painted and hand carved, with an array of tropical fish living on the coral reef. These fishes are multicolored to make this design become an eye catcher.

Turtle Reef Lamp

Turtle Reef Lamp, design is hand carved and hand painted. Beautiful turtles on a reef enjoying and their fun around a coral reef. Perfect addition for any sea turtle fanatic.

Banded Butterfly Fish

Banded Butterfly Fish, hand carved and hand painted with beautiful stunning yellows and black stripes. This pair of angelfish are swimming around a coral reef. Sculpture mounted on a base, perfe...


Clownfish in anemone sculpture mounted on a wood base. Perfect addition to any sealife theme, this sculpture is hand painted and hand carved for a realistic look.

Yellow Tangs

School of Yellow Tangs, swimming about in the open seas, perfect for any living space, guarenteed to be an eye stopper. Sea Shell Shop recommends this design for any sealife theme.

Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish School, beautifully hand painted with multicolors to catch anyones eye. Hand carved to resemble the butterfly fish swimming in tropical waters around reefs.

Lion Fish

Lion Fish, table sculpture beautiful hand carved lion fish that will sure capture everyones attention. Great detailing on each individual fish. Beautiful orange and yellow colors, hand painted t...

Butterfly Fish

School of Butterfly Fish, design hand carved and hand painted with multicolors. Five butterfly fish swimming around the warm tropical waters around a coral reef. Sea Shell Shop recommends this d...