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Pearlized Nautilus

You can decorate your cake with a beautiful ornamental shell such as the Chambered Nautilus Mother of Pearl and fill it with exotic flowers. You can also decorate your cake sides and edging with shells;just boil them first or wash in dishwasher. They will stick very nicely into icing. One idea is to frost your cake in a very light beige and sprinkle big grain light brown natural sugar over it to resemble sand. It's striking.


4-5": $39.99

5-6": $52.99

6-7": $62.99

7-8": $72.99


More about the Chambered Nautilus Shell:

The Chambered Nautilus is the last surviving genus of the nautiloids. The nautiloids were the largest predators in the seas of the Ordovician period, 450 million years ago. It is found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Its most familiar characteristics is its smooth, coiled shell, up to 11 in. in diameter. The shell is lined with mother-of-pearl and is separated into a series of progressively larger compartments, the most recent of which is inhabited by the animal. The walls (septa) dividing the chambers are pierced by a tube (siphuncle) connected to the nautilus. Gas and liquid exchange occurs through the siphuncle walls, by means of which the nautilus can regulate its buoyancy.

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Price: $39.99
Pearlized Nautilus
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Pearlized Nautilus

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