Lighthouse Trivia


How Many Lighthouses do you think DE has?

Bellevue Range
Brandywine Shoal
Delaware Breakwater
Fenwick Island
Finns Point Range (tower only)
Fourteen Foot Bank
Harbor of Refuge
Liston Range
Marcus Hook Range
Mispillian Range
New Castle Range (tower gone)
Port Penn Range
Reedy Island Range


What is the the oldest existing lighthouse in America?

Sandy Hook, NJ (1764) which is still in operation.


How many Lighthouses are in the USA still standing including the ones in disrepair?



Which State has the most Lighthouses?

31 States have lighthouses plus Puerto Rico with 16 lighthouses.


How many States have lighthouses?

Michigan has the most with 90, New York 65 and Maine with 64
Maryland 18, Virginia 9, Pennsylvania 2, New Jersey 12