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Hermit Crab Deluxe Kit with 2 x Crab

This kit includes 2 hermit crabs and everything you could ever need to take care of them.

Includes: Crab in either Boy or Girl Design Shell, Plastic Cage, 2 packages of Colored Sand, Sand Sifter, Thermometer, Mister Bottle, Hermie Hut Home, Water Bowl, Sponges, Centerpiece Food or Water Dish, 2 Extra Shells, Food Bottle, Food Treat, Heat or Cold Pack for seasonal shipping care.

Hermit comes packed in a natural environment seaweed sponge wrap.  In the summer months and depending on the weather conditions of location crab will be shipped we add a cool pack.  Conversely in the Winter months depending on the weather we will add a heat pack.

ADDITIONAL HANDLING FEE OF $15.00 TO COVER OVER NIGHT SHIPPING WHICH ENSURES HEALTHY CRAB WILL ARRIVE AT YOUR DOOR!  Special requests for color, boy, or girl please add note to order.

Stock # DSFMR
Price: $44.99
Hermit Crab Deluxe Kit with 2 x Crab
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Hermit Crab Deluxe Kit

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Too many copmlimtens too little space, thanks!