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Dark Chocolate Carmel Sea Salt

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Dark Chocolate Carmel Sea Salt
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Best fudge
Submitted by Cindy Reed on
I got this fudge for the first time a few years ago when shopping at the Sea Shell Shop. I got it again last week and quickly realized how much better it was then Candy Kitchen fudge. After a couple days of sitting around, which is the longest any fudge is going to last at my house, it was still perfectly fresh. Candy Kitchen fudge gets hard immediately. This fudge stays fresh and moist until I am done eatting it... note thus only takes me a few days. Ill never be able to tell you if it stays that fresh after a week,but I can tell you it is wonderful for days after bought!I am very excited and scared to see that I can order it online. I already workout once a day. If I start ordering from home I may have to workout twice a day. Lol