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Brass Dumpy Level 5"

The Hampton Nautical Solid Brass Dumpy Level is also known as an Engineer's Transit. The instrument has an impressive level of quality and craftsmanship. The Dumpy Level has a 20-power inverting telescope with precision crosshairs and two focusing adjustments. The telescope measures 5 5/8-inches long and has a removable brass lens cap to protect the 27 mm diameter objective lens. An adjustable spirit level with a protective cover is located on the top of the brass telescope. On the inside of the cover is a mirror to assist in reading the spirit level. There are three leveling adjustments on the base and it is threaded for a surveyor's tripod mount. Utilizing the fine tuning control allows for the azimuth angle to be accurately adjusted. There is an internal magnetic compass with an inverted compass rose which can be read correctly through a prism. There is a knurled thumbscrew that you can set in order to freeze the orientation of the compass rose. This model stands 5 1/8 inches tall 3 1/4 inches wide and weighs 2 pounds.

Stock # LI-1517
Price: $99.99
Brass Dumpy Level 5"
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Brass Dumpy Level 5"

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